Xbox 360 Firmware

The Xbox 360 firmware revolves around the DVD drive within the Xbox 360 itself. The hacked firmware for the Xbox 360 is known as iXtreme LT+. The Latest Xbox 360 firmware is iXtreme LT+ 3.0 which was released late December 2011.

Xbox 360 Firmware Download

The Xbox 360 Firmware scene is headed up by the infamous C4eva along with the Jungleflasher team. Together they dump, analyze and run tests on the official firmware for the Xbox 360 before creating and releasing their very own Xbox 360 firmware for everyone to use.

The most well known way to modify the Xbox 360 Firmware on your DVD drive is by using the software called Jungleflasher and the very extensive tutorial that comes with it. This gives you an easy to use graphical interface as well as step-by-step very concise instructions on how to flash almost every Xbox 360 DVD drive.

The place to get the Xbox 360 firmware download is via xbins. Xbins is an IRC channel/FTP server set up for the specific purpose of downloading applications and files for the Xbox 360 such as DVD drive firmware and dashboards for Jtagged/RGH Xbox 360s.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article C4Eva has just released new firmware for Xbox 360 DVD drives. The iXtreme LT+ v3.0 Xbox 360 firmware is currently released for the BenQ (Philips-BENQ/LiteOn VAD6038/1650V) and PHAT Lite-On (Philips-LiteOn VAD6039/DG-16D2S) DVD drives. The newest firmware versions include Support for topology data on AP25 enabled titles. It will correctly answer any ap25 challenges eliminating the need for dae.bin to create a backup. Also there is no need to make new backups every time dae.bin is updated on the console.

Along with the new firmware for Xbox 360 DVD drives other software was also released at the same time. Xbox Backup Creator allows the user to create backups of all games now in order to deal with the AP25 challenges. As with all new releases of the iXtreme firmware, a new version of Jungleflasher was released, this now supports the newest version of the firmware.

Flashing Xbox 360 firmware to your DVD drive is quite a complex procedure with basically a different set of instructions for every brand of DVD drive. Overall though, the main theory is the same for all drives. To start with the drive needs to be unlocked (placed in Vendor mode); the firmware then needs to be read off of the DVD drive. From there the DVD key can be spoofed into the hack firmware which is then written to the DVD drive once the drives firmware has been erased.

If you want to get involved in a community that has plenty of discussions and can answer almost any question then I suggest you head over to Xbox-Scene or head to C4Evaspeaks to find out about the latest iXtreme LT+ firmware.

Xbox 360 Firmware


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